Jetson 66

Net – seat and back cushion

Mi 466
Easychair with seat of steel and supporting web of high-strength polyester net. Edges trimmed in leather Elmosoft 99999, black. Button stitched seat and back cushion with padding of polyether (CMHR). As standard covered with fabric Comfort 0050, black, or leather Elmosoft 99999, black.
Head pillow covered in respective fabric or leather. Chromium-plated base of solid steel.
The easychair swivels and is equipped with a self return mechanism.

Information regarding other fabrics or leather on request.

Width 570, depth 820, height 985, seat height 320
Covering material needed:
Seat and back cushion incl. pillow: Fabric: 130 cm by 140 cm width
Leather: needed for 2 chairs 1 hide by 5 m²