Design 1967

Mi 806
Cabinet performed with mitred edges and sliding doors. White laquer internally. Shelves, partitions and compartments laquered in white. The cabinet can be equipped with lock.

Length 158,2 cm, depth 46 cm.

Basic performance with fixed middle-partition and 2 pcs movable partitions. Interior fittings as below, loose components for other combinations on request.


fitting No. 20, 1 pc
H3 shelf (A,D)
fitting No. 21, 2 pcs H3 shelves (A,D) fitting No. 22, 24 pcs C4 trays (A,D) fitting No. 23, 16 pcs C4 trays and 4 pcs
C3 trays (A,D)


fitting No. 24, 12 pcs C3 trays (A,D) fitting No. 25, 1 pc expansion for suspended files and 1 pc H3 shelf (A,D) fitting No. 26, 2 pcs expansions for suspended files (A,D) fitting No. 27, 1 pc refrigerator (A,D)


fitting No. 28, 1 pc
H4 shelf (B,C)
fitting No. 29, 2 pcs H4 shelves (B,C) fitting No. 30, 12 pcs C4 trays (B,C)